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今日は (こんにちは).

I am in the process of rebuilding my Japanese alphabet PDF worksheets. The original version was made using the "Gothic" block-style font, and looks like this:

The reason I designed the worksheets using the gothic font was because I have had several Japanese language instructors, and each of them always complained about the direction and positioning and length of the stroke-ends as illustrated on the various worksheets. My reasoning was that if the gothic version font was used, the instructor could then instruct their student their preferred direction, positioning, and length of the stroke-ends that they wanted to teach... but it seems some still question why I used gothic as no Japanese instructor would ever do that. Oh well, lesson learned.

I am rebuilding the worksheets using the "Mincho" style of the font.

The mincho version looks like this:

I'm not entirely certain when I will be able to complete this particular project, mostly because it is taking a tremendous amount of time. I am rebuilding each individual character, which involves manually converting the font to an outline, breaking apart the outline into its individual strokes, re-drawing all of the instructional strokes.

It's a lot of time-consuming work, but I am making progress. At the time of this post, I'm on に, and still have a ways to go... but it's happening.

Please continue to be patient.



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