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Reading chart patterns is more than looking at the candlesticks on the screen. You need to know the patterns, you need to memorize the patterns. Memorization improves your trading intuition.

Identifying candlestick patterns is critical to your trading success. The more patterns you have memorized, the more accurate will be your intuition.

The Securities Exchange Commission requires a basic knowledge of key concepts before any person can become a registered financial or investment adviser. Inside, you will learn those key concepts.

Understanding financial market concepts is a key ingredient to successful trading. Here, you will learn the concepts most essential to help you improve your trading.

Why I trade

My name is Stephen Buck, and
these are the reasons why I trade:


Trading is hard, laborious work, however, when performed correctly, results in maximum gains using the least amount of effort.


I have worked in a variety of corporate environments, each leaving me drained of energy at the end of each day. Trading allows me to work from my home in a perfectly relaxed environment, leaving me full of energy at the end of each day.


A job paid my bills, but barely allowed me to get by. Trading not only pays my bills, but allows me the financial freedom to live the life I want to live.

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Chart Patterns

Industry Concepts

Series 7

Series 7